What is this little green shoots thing?

We’re sharing our little-green-shoots of ideas on how we are taking small steps to improve our local environment, take climate action and live more healthily.

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Our Goals…


Climate Action

We’re taking small steps like: growing more stuff in our garden to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; reducing the amount of meat and dairy in our diet and gradually turning to renewable sources for electricity, gas and transport.

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Wilding and Biodiversity

By taking more interest in the nature and wildlife in our local area, we’re planting a wider range of plants and developing wildlife-friendly features in our garden. The result should be an increase in the number of birds, insects, butterflies and amphibians that visit.

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Developing Community

It’s important to us that we recognise that our efforts alone will not make.a massive difference to our local environment. So we aim to make contact with others in our local area, to build a community in which trust and cooperation help us work together to make the bigger improvements needed. One way in which we’re trying to do this is by setting up the Evington Community Nature Reserve.

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