Drive 20:50

Drive 20:50 is a voluntary way of driving that is intended to:

  • Reduce petrol consumption
  • Increase car battery range of electric vehicles
  • Cut down on harmful emissions
  • Decrease wear and tear on brakes and tyres
  • Save money

When making a journey, Drive 20:50 volunteers will aim to walk, cycle and use public transport wherever possible.

Where driving is necessary, without inconveniencing* other road users, volunteers of Drive 20:50 will aim to:

  • Drive at 20mph in built-up areas
  • Restrict their speed to 50mph on major roads, where the national speed limits apply

*In situations where other road users might be inconvenienced, volunteers will not impose these speed limits on others but will ‘go with the flow’ and drive at the speed of the road.

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