Evington Community Nature Reserve

Heather by the War Memorial


Evington Community Nature Reserve is based on a similar initiative, successful in Felixstowe.

The idea is that each individual household devotes a small area of their garden to nature. We suggest an area of 4 square metre so that if 1000 households take part, we have a nature reserve the same size as a football pitch

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A View in Evington

First Steps

A small number (200) households have received leaflets, describing the project. In addition a green pledge card was delivered. Households displaying the card in their front windows on Monday March 1 received a free pack of wild-flower seeds – enough to sow their 4 square metre nature area. If you weren’t one of the 200 but would like to make the pledge, please send us an email or complete our contact form. and we’ll deliver your seeds – while stocks last!

A view in Evington


Details of how to develop your 4 square metre can be found in our blog and our quick and easy ‘Three Steps To…’ guide


​Would you like to Join in?

Joining in is very simple: just devote at least 4 square metre of your garden to nature. If you like you can let us know what you’ve decided to do with your wild area…