Aiming for More Climate-Friendly Food, Transport and Energy

What changes in diet can help improve the environment?

What we choose to eat can make a big difference to our effect on the environment. If our food takes a lot of energy and water when it is produced and transported, it will generally be bad for the environment and contribute to global warming and climate change.

The key things for a more climate-friendly diet is to eat less meat and dairy and more locally produced food.

What if I can’t give up meat and dairy?

The good news is that you don’t have to. The idea we stick to is that we just need to eat less meat and dairy and more vegetables, fruit and plant-based foods.

The following ideas are in our blog:

Why is Transport important?

Almost all forms of transport cause pollution of some kind.

The best forms of transport for the environment must be walking and cycling – basically anything that doesn’t involve fuels like petrol and diesel will not produce much in the way of polluting gases.

Public transport like a bus is also very good as it carries a lot of people and by travelling on a bus, I barely increase my carbon footprint as the bus will produce more or less the same pollution with or without me!

What can we do to make our energy consumption less damaging to the environment?

Join our voluntary scheme for reducing petrol/diesel consumption or increasing the battery range of an electric vehicle and reducing environmental damage: Drive 20:50